RealGreen Power MTS units are a revolutionary solution for those land managers struggling to find solutions to the problem of providing long-term sanitary facilities to large numbers of people. Each MTS unit is capable of handling 60 to 80 persons on a full-time basis. Our modular toilet systems are perfect for homeless and refugee camps, historic sites, military bases, industrial sites, parks, and even urban centers.

Cost to provide chemical toilets for 80 homeless persons in Hawaii: $30,000 per month!

Public Street Toilets are expensive ($500,000 each), require connections to sewers, water, and power; typically limited to one or two toilets; are difficult to repair.

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MTS units can be configured for Pay-Per-Use operation, accepting cashless payment methods such as swipe cards, fobs, or codes.
Units are available for sale or lease beginning mid-2016.  Costs for ownership and maintenance are competitive with portable toilets.

Please contact us for sales information at: or call:+1.415.860.2388